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NFL Power Rankings, Week 4: No One Knows What To Do With The Chiefs

The National Football Post gave the Kansas City Chiefs an eight-spot boost in their NFL power rankings.

Here's what they said about the Chiefs with the money question:

14. (22) Kansas City Chiefs: 3-0
Are we ranking the Chiefs too low, or is the team for real at 3-0?

That seems to be the big question that I imagine won't get answered until after Week 6 when the Chiefs have gone on the road to face Indy and Houston. If they split those two, they're for real. But if they lose -- and don't get blown out -- I can still make an argument they're for real.

But most folks aren't quite sure what to make of this team. They won against the Chargers with a big assist to the home crowd, beat the 0-3 Browns and took care of business against San Francisco, who suddenly isn't looking so hot.

Remember, "for real" may mean just eight or nine wins in the AFC West.