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Jason Whitlock Calls The Chiefs The Boise State Of The NFL

Former Kansas City Star columnist and current columnist Jason Whitlock weighed in on the Kansas City Chiefs after they got off to a 3-0 start.

In short, Whitlock admits they're better than he figured they would be but there are still significant flaws.

Quarterback Matt Cassel is horrible. Rookie safety Eric Berry is off to a terrible start. Second-year defensive lineman Tyson Jackson’s absence has been a blessing to the defense.

I can see an argument for all of those with the exception of Berry, who has been more than average in run support but gotten ripped on a couple of deep plays.

He goes onto to note that there are some good pieces in place and guys like Dexter McCluster have been good additions, but...

The Chiefs might have the easiest schedule in the history of the league. They’re the Boise State of professional football. The Chiefs can’t win important games with Cassel at quarterback.

The way Cassel played in Week 1 and 2, I'd have to agree with him. Fortunately for Chiefs fans, it's a 16-game season and I imagine we'll see a few more games like Cassel had in Week 3.