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From Chiefs To Mizzou To Kansas State: Bad Weekend For Kansas City Sports

Following the Kansas City Chiefs loss to the Baltimore Ravens, I got home and flipped on the Kansas Jayhawks and Michigan Wolverines game. Michigan was giving KU all it had as they took them to overtime.

I sat next to a friend and said, "If Kansas loses this game, it will be the most depressing Kansas City sports weekend in some time."

That's because the day before the Missouri Tigers, a top 10 team, had lost their second game of the year. Kansas State also their third game in their last six tries dropping a 14-point game to the Oklahoma State Cowboys.

And then on Sunday of course came the Chiefs loss to the Ravens. This was perhaps the most painful because it was the NFL playoffs.

By Sunday afternoon, things were about to turn very bad. Michigan took KU to OT and the third ranked team in the country was on the verge of making it a Kansas City sweep.

Even if you're not a KU fan, you almost have to be feel good they won in order to avoid a miserable Kansas City sports weekend.