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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Justin Blackmon To The Chiefs

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The Kansas City Chiefs season ended on Sunday in a 30-7 playoff defeat to the Baltimore Ravens. The loss stung yesterday when it happened and it still stings Monday morning. Chiefs fans will be picking themselves up after that one and looking to the Chiefs next season -- NFL draft season.

The Chiefs are picking 21st in the 2011 NFL draft and receivers are popular in mock drafts for the Chiefs. The loss to the Ravens exposed just how much the Chiefs need another receiver and it would seem there's a chance they get that receiver next April in the draft.

SB Nation's latest mock draft has the Chiefs selecting a receiver -- Justin Blackmon from Oklahoma State.

Justin Blackmon, WR, Oklahoma State. Baltimore badly exposed Kansas City's offensive weaknesses in a blowout playoff win; chief among them is a receiver not named Dwayne Bowe that can beat coverage. Blackmon is young, but beating coverage is his specialty.    

If he fell, this would be an excellent choice based on talent alone. The Chiefs last year placed a heavy emphasis on picking the "right" guys and "character" guys so we'll see during the NFL draft process if Blackmon is that type of person. 

But looking at need alone, the Blackmon selection makes an awful lot of sense.