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Atlanta Falcons TE Tony Gonzalez Remembers Almost Becoming A Green Bay Packer

Atlanta Falcons TE Tony Gonzalez was nearly a Green Bay Packers. During the 2008 NFL trade deadline, Gonzalez thought then-Chiefs GM Carl Peterson was on his way to trading him. He had heard the Packers and for a few minutes thought he was headed to Green Bay.

"You might be right there. It was very close from what I heard. You are right, at the last second something went down and I think the Chiefs said ‘You know what, on second thought we are going to go ahead and keep him'. That was three years ago now. That was actually during the middle of the season that I might have gotten traded, I heard. This is all hearsay stuff but... I had heard that it looked like it might happen. That was the closest that I heard and I was on the other line and then when the time limit came up they were like ‘Uh, it didn't work out.' But for a minute there I didn't that I think I was going to get traded and I thought I would be a Packer."

Of course the Chiefs held onto him for one more year. He suggested Peterson wasn't serious about trading him because no one would bite on the Chiefs' asking price for a third round pick for a 32-year-old tight end.

And the following year TG was traded for a second-round pick.

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