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Greg Manusky Expected To Be Chargers Defensive Coordinator

Though a deal isn't official yet, it appears Greg Manusky is on his way to becoming the San Diego Chargers defensive coordinator this year. Manusky's name should ring a bell because he was a linebacker for the Kansas City Chiefs from 1994-99.

He was previously in San Diego until 2006 before making the jump to the San Francisco 49ers so he has some familiarity with the team. He's expected to keep the 3-4 defense there.

How does this affect the Chiefs? Well it's probably not a good thing. Manusky is well regarded around the league which means he's doing something right.

The Chargers had one of the top defenses in the NFL last year so Manusky will have plenty of opportunities to show why he should move up in the NFL. He previously interviewed with the Cowboys and Cardinals as a coordinator and with the Panthers for the head coaching job.