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2011 NFL Draft: Expectations On Kansas City Chiefs Are High

The Kansas City Chiefs hired GM Scott Pioli before the 2009 season so we've had two complete years to judge the job he's done.

Year one, the results were obviously mixed with little success on the field and little impact from the 2009 NFL draft. Year two, the results were pretty clear -- job well done. From free agency to the draft, the Chiefs nailed their personnel moves and had many year one players making an impact.

That means that this year, 2011, the expectations on the Chiefs and particularly Pioli have risen. It's hard to envision a draft going better than the Chiefs in 2010 but that's what folks will be expecting. The Chiefs, with each passing year, plug up more holes which means Pioli's work is getting a little more specific (in theory at least).

I'm not sure how this will pan out but in two years we've gotten two vastly different drafts -- 2009 where the Chiefs (and most other NFL teams, actually) struggled and 2010 where the Chiefs nailed it.

Which one will we see in 2011?