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Broncos' Mike McCoy Believed To Be Offensive Coordinator Candidate For Browns

Last week several reports suggested the Kansas City Chiefs would be pursuing the Denver Broncos' Mike McCoy as an offensive coordinator candidate. On Thursday, the Broncos announced the hiring of John Fox, former Carolina Panthers coach who previously worked with McCoy. That resulted in the Denver Post reporting McCoy was expected to stay on the Broncos staff and not join the Chiefs.

But now the Cleveland Plain-Dealer reports McCoy may be a candidate under new Cleveland Browns head coach Pat Shurmur. 

Broncos OC Mike McCoy is believed to be OC candidate for Browns under Pat Shurmur, league source told PD.    

Maybe it's just me but of all the possible places for McCoy, I think Kansas City makes the most sense. The Chiefs seem more likely to be successful in 2011 than the Browns or Broncos and with success comes a higher profile for McCoy.

We'll see how this shakes out.