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NFL Playoffs: Steelers Beat Ravens And Set Up Game With Jets Or Patriots

Will the AFC Championship game be coming back to Pittsburgh? We're a few hours from finding out. The Steelers beat the Baltimore Ravens on Saturday and, as the second seed, they'll await the results of the game between the top-seeded New England Patriots and New York Jets. 

A Patriots win and the Steelers would travel to New England for the AFC Championship game. A Jets victory and New York would be coming to Pittsburgh for the AFC Championship game. 

The Steelers showed they have a defense capable of carrying them to the Super Bowl in a 31-24 victory over the Ravens. The Steeler defense was phenomenal for much of the game. With turnovers from the Steelers offense, the Ravens offense started two drives inside the Steelers 15 yard line giving them no chance. But not counting those turnovers setting them up in the red zone to start the drive, the Ravens were unable to do much against Pittsburgh's defense.

The Steelers are legit and can beat the Patriots or Jets. Then again, the Patriots and Jets can both beat the Steelers, as these late playoff games should be.

We'll find out Sunday evening where the AFC Championship game is headed.