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VIDEO: Bart Scott Postgame Rant After Jets Vs. Patriots

The New York Jets beat the New England Patriots on Sunday after a week full of trash talk. The Jets made the week entertaining from Rex Ryan saying it's personal against Bill Belichick, Bart Scott saying Wes Welker's days in a uniform were numbered and Antonio Cromartie calling Tom Brady an "a--hole". 

The Jets ended up winning the game thanks largely to their defensive performance. After giving up 45 points to the Patriots offense last time they played, this Jets defense has to feel good.

Bart Scott went on an angry, pumped-up rant after the game talking about the disrespect the Jets had seen throughout the week.

Well, Scott can say what he wants this week. The Jets backed up their trash talk for the second week in a row and they're headed to the AFC Championship game.

The Kansas City Chiefs, other than Shaun Smith, don't really have anyone who gets this talkative before or after the game. I think it adds a little flavor to the game and I'm all for it. The NFL instructed all the remaining playoff teams this week to tone down the trash talking after a few of the Jets cracks (not to mention Wes Welker's press conference).