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NFL Playoff Schedule Guarantees Chiefs Are Playing Defending Super Bowl Champs In 2011

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The Kansas City Chiefs schedule will be well-tested in 2011. The Chiefs opponents next year include all four of the remaining teams in the NFL playoffs -- New York Jets, Pittsburgh Steelers, Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears. The Chiefs also play the Patriots, who lost in the divisional round.

That means that the Chiefs will be playing the defending Super Bowl champions next year. The Packers and Steelers both come to Arrowhead Stadium while the Chiefs will play the Jets and Bears on the road.

The Chiefs don't really match up against any team very well. The Steelers have the NFL's top ranked defense and we saw what the Baltimore Ravens defense did to the Chiefs. The Jets are a somewhat better matchup but their offense looks solid. The Packers may be the best remaining playoff team if you ask me. The Bears also have a top five defense.

So the Chiefs schedule definitely gets a little harder moving forward. All four of these teams will probably be good again next year and the Chiefs won't have an easy task trying to beat them.