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NFL Playoff Picture: What's On The Line In Week 17

The NFL playoff picture is starting to be sorted out and we will know everything by this evening. There are several scenarios going on today that will affect the Kansas City Chiefs.

First, if the Chiefs win they'll secure the third seed in the NFL playoffs. If the Indianapolis Colts lose, the Chiefs will also secure the third playoff spot regardless of what they do. The Chiefs play the early game and the Colts play the Tennessee Titans in the late game so if the Chiefs lose they won't know their fate until around 6:00 p.m. (Arrowhead time).

Second, the Chiefs need to find out who they'll play in the wildcard round of the playoffs. As of now, the New York Jets hold the sixth playoff seed and would play the Chiefs if the playoffs started today. The Pittsburgh Steelers hold the second seed and, if they win, they'll hold keep that spot. If they lose, and the Baltimore Ravens win, the Steelers then move to the sixth playoff spot and the Chiefs would be playing them. The Chiefs probably want to play the Jets, if you ask me.

It appears the Chiefs will play to win against the Oakland Raiders in Week 17 in order to keep some of their momentum.