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Jamaal Charles Grabs Lead In NFL Rushing Title Race, Ties Chiefs With Raiders

The Kansas City Chiefs got a nice boost when Jamaal Charles took a handoff in the second half and rumbled down the field 47 yards to set the Chiefs up in the red zone. The Chiefs went to third down before handing it off to Charles again as he punched it in for the score.

The Chiefs and Raiders are tied in the second half of Sunday's ame, 10-10, and Charles is currently your NFL rushing leader. Charles' 47 yard run gave him the lead over Texans' Arian Foster, who plays later this afternoon. Charles has eight carries for 77 yards on the day.

The Chiefs had a minor scare when Charles took a hard hit and went down in the first half of the game. He was down for a few seconds before popping back up.

The Chiefs are currently tied with the Raiders, 10-10, and you may be able to expect some second half carries for Charles, who is sporting a near 10 yards per carry average.