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Matt Cassel Throws Interception; Raiders Extend Lead Over Chiefs, 24-10

The Kansas City Chiefs final regular season game isn't going well. The Chiefs are losing to the Oakland Raiders, 24-10, with 11 minutes remaining in the fourth quarter. The Chiefs can't seem to do anything right as the Raiders run all over them and the Chiefs passing game is non-existent.

The Raiders picked off a Matt Cassel pass and returned it to the 10 yard line. The Raiders then ran a reverse and Jacoby Ford snuck into the end zone extending Oakland's lead.

The Chiefs appear to be on their way to losing this game. That means they'll need to hope the Indianapolis Colts lose to the Tennessee Titans later this afternoon to allow them to keep the third seed in the NFL playoffs. If the Colts win, the Chiefs would get the fourth seed (assuming the Chiefs end up losing this game). 

If the Chiefs get the fourth seed, then it looks like it'd be the Baltimore Ravens visiting Kansas City. 

There's still some time left in this game but the Chiefs would need some big plays to come back.