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Oakland Raiders Embarrass Kansas City Chiefs In Week 17

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If you’re a Kansas City Chiefs fan, your confidence is shot right now. The Chiefs got embarrassed by the Oakland Raiders, at home, in Week 17 by 21 points. The Raiders’ 31 points destroyed the Chiefs.

Matt Cassel was pressured literally the entire game, to the point where he couldn’t even play like a normal quarterback. The Chiefs’ offensive line was completely exposed today as they were unable to protect Cassel or open up enough holes for Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones.

Cassel was 11/33 for 115. He threw two picks, his sixth and seventh picks on the year.

The lone bright spot was the Chiefs’ defensive line, specifically Tamba Hali. Hali had 2.5 sacks and was apparently the only Chief who realized there was a playoff game next week.

The Chiefs can still hold on to the #3 seed if the Indianpolis Colts lose. But right now, that doesn’t matter. The Chiefs don’t deserve to be in the playoffs after this loss.

Full stats for the game are here if you can stomach them.