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Chiefs Confirm Charlie Weis Is Headed To Florida As Offensive Coordinator

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley confirmed offensive coordinator Charlie Weis is headed to the University of Florida to serve in the same role. Haley also confirmed Weis would stay with the Chiefs throughout the playoffs. He indicated there was family reasons for Weis' departure -- his son will be working in the football office at Florida.

"Charlie Weis is moving on. He's going to go to the University of Florida as a coordinator. There was obviously a lot of speculation on that. Charlie and I, the Chiefs, we had a bunch of real productive conversations this weekend -- really productive. This is a bitter sweet deal for me, as the head coach, because Charlie was someone I was obviously really excited to have in here."

"With that being said, Charlie is a family guy. He has a situation, a family situation, where he can go to Florida and be with his son, who is going to get into coaching. Without talking personally about Charlie, this is a great situation for Charlie. And I respect it 100 percent and we respect it 100 percent."

So Weis is here for at least one more week, possibly five more weeks, depending on how the Chiefs do in the playoffs. There are already names of possible candidates to replace him popping up.