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Official: Tom Brady Injury Puts Matt Cassel In 2011 Pro Bowl

It's official: Matt Cassel is in the Pro Bowl. A Boston TV report came out on Wednesday night that New England Patriots QB Tom Brady would not be playing in the 2011 Pro Bowl because of a foot injury and he would be replaced by Kansas City Chiefs QB Matt Cassel.

The Chiefs confirmed the news so it's a done deal. Cassel is a Pro Bowler.

He becomes the fourth Chiefs player to join the 2011 Pro Bowl roster. Already selected were RB Jamaal Charles, WR Dwayne Bowe and G Brian Waters. 

LB Derrick Johnson said a couple of weeks ago that he's an alternate for the Pro Bowl but he's not sure where on the list he is. Baltimore Ravens LB Ray Lewis and Patriots LB Jerod Mayo are currently slotted to be the inside linebackers.

Cassel's final numbers include a 58.2 completion percentage, 3,116 yards, 27 touchdowns and seven interceptions.