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Kansas City Chiefs QB Matt Cassel To Have High School Jersey Retired

Kansas City Chiefs QB Matt Cassel played well enough at a California high school to earn a scholarship to USC, which was no small feat considering they turned into one of the best teams in the country. Of course we all know Cassel's story by now -- he didn't play while at USC, Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots took a shot on him in the seventh round of the draft, he replaces Tom Brady in 2008 and comes to Kansas City.

All that couldn't have happened if it weren't for Chatsworth High. 

Via LA Times:

Former Chatsworth quarterback Matt Cassel, named to replace Tom Brady in the Pro Bowl, will have his uniform retired during a school assembly at Chatsworth High on Feb. 11.    

That's what happens when you make the NFL, secure a starting job and a $60-plus million contract, and then earn a Pro Bowl spot.