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Chiefs WR Dwayne Bowe Expected To Play Against Ravens

Kansas City Chiefs WR Dwayne Bowe did not practice on Wednesday with the rest of the team leading to a collective "Oh crap" from the fan base. Though we haven't heard any definitive reports on Bowe, the early word is that he's just sick and this isn't a situation where he'll be missing the game on Sunday against the Baltimore Ravens. 

What caused some of the worry in Kansas City is that on the same day Bowe missed, the team signed WR Kevin Curtis. The last time a player was mysteriously absent from practice, and a player at his position was signed, it was Matt Cassel and the appendectomy.

Unless we're being kept in the dark big time, this is no appendectomy situation and Bowe should be good to go.

But for those few hours when we weren't sure what was going on with Bowe the Chiefs playoff lives probably flashed in front of their eyes. No Chiefs would ever admit this but their chances without Bowe are very slim. He's the main (and only?) threat in the passing game and one of the catalysts of the Chiefs resurgent passing game this year as he lead the NFL in touchdown receptions.