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Kansas City Chiefs Confidence Level Drops

As you know we track the "confidence level" of the Kansas City Chiefs fan base on our Chiefs blog, Arrowhead Pride. Fans are asked to rate from 1-100 how confident they are in the team. Last week, before the Oakland Raiders loss, the Chiefs were sitting at a confidence level of 93. That sounded about right for a team about to hit the playoffs.

This week, though, the confidence level has dropped to 79. There are a few reasons for this.

First, the loss to the Raiders. That hurt because it was a blowout and it was at home. Fans want to know which Chiefs team this is and the Raiders game didn't help at all. That was deflating because the Raiders ran all over the Chiefs and they're a team somewhat similar to the Ravens coming into town this weekend.

Second, the Chiefs playoff matchup is against the Ravens -- and not the Jets. Many thought the Jets would be coming to Kansas City but with the Chiefs losing and the Colts winning, the Chiefs are the fourth seed and it's the Ravens. The Jets are viewed as a better matchup for the Chiefs so there's some reason to worry in this game.

We'll see where that confidence level is next week. It will either plummet as the Chiefs lose and end their season or it will rise significantly as the Chiefs win and face the next round of the playoffs.