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With Dwayne Bowe And Brian Waters Ill, Chiefs Must Have A Bug Going Around

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The Kansas City Chiefs started their practice week with some bad news as both WR Dwayne Bowe and G Brian Waters were absent from Wednesday's practice with what Todd Haley simply called an illness. We weren't sure what that was (and still completely don't) but it sounds like it's just a flu bug of sorts.

Bowe returned to practice on Thursday but Waters did not. A new name also popped up on the injury report -- WR Quinten Lawrence. His ailment? Illness.

So it's pretty clear the Chiefs have a bug of some sorts going around. Haley said they're encouraging players to wash their hands more often in order to avoid spreading it around. But there's not a whole lot you can do when you have 61 guys practicing every day, going to the same locker room and being next to each other all day.

It sounds like Bowe will be OK and we're assuming/hoping Waters will be as well. Lawrence likely wasn't going to be active this weekend anyway.

Let's hope this is a 24-hour bug and we'll get those players back in full action soon.