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NFL Playoff Picks And Odds: Seahawks Win Over Saints Would Be Historic

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If the Seattle Seahawks beat the New Orleans Saints on Saturday afternoon for the start of the 2011 NFL playoffs, it would be a historic win. No wildcard team has gone on the road and seen themselves as heavy of a favorite as the Saints are against the Seahawks -- 10-11 points depending on where you look. So, yeah, NFL playoff picks like the Saints. 

While it's fun to think about the Seahawks winning, there are way too many things working against them. The Saints know how to score a lot of points so the Seahawks will have to hope the Saints uncharacteristically turn the ball over often or their offense finds life and keeps up with them. I don't see either of those happening.

The Saints defense is underrated as well. This is a solid group and I'm not sure the Hasselbeck/Whitehurst combo (Hasselbeck is starting) will be the most effective quarterback against the Saints opportunistic defense. 

The Saints already put up a 15-point victory over the Seahawks earlier this year, 34-19, and I'm not sure why that score should be much different than Saturday's score.

The Saints went down this road last year as they won the Super Bowl so they're the experienced and tested group here. Take the Saints all the way in this one. My prediction for the score is 35-17, New Orleans.