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NFL Playoff Picks And Odds: Jets Will Figure Out Peyton Manning, Beat Colts

The New York Jets are not favored to beat the Indianapolis Colts and with No. 18 on the opposing sideline that's a completely reasonable way to think. The Colts are 2.5 point favorites in this home playoff game and it's hard to pick against them with Peyton Manning there.

But I'm doing it. I'm picking against the Colts. I think the Jets come into Indy, figure out Manning, and walk away with a victory.

Manning has to be making Rex Ryan absolutely nuts because Manning owns him. At some point, Ryan will figure him out and I think that comes today. The Jets defense will slow this game down and turn it into more New York football than Manning and Colts football.

The Jets defense now has a second corner in Antonio Cromartie which they didn't have against the Colts in the AFC Championship game last year. That should make a significant difference, especially as Manning continues to throw to a bunch of receivers we've barely heard of (outside of Reggie Wayne).

I'm taking the Jets in this one. They'll win by a field goal on the road against the Jets.