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NFL Playoffs, Jets-Colts: Who Should Chiefs Fans Root For?

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KC Chiefs fans should be rooting for the Jets on Saturday night when they face Indianapolis.

The Kansas City Chiefs don't play until Sunday at 12:00 p.m. against the Baltimore Ravens. But who should they root for on Saturday night in the other AFC wildcard game between the New York Jets and Indianapolis Colts? To me, that's an easy answer -- J - E - T - S JETS JETS JETS!

There are several reasons for that.

First, the Chiefs probably want to travel to Pittsburgh -- and not New England -- in the divisional round if they beat the Ravens on Sunday. A Jets and the Chiefs victory would send KC to Pittsburgh next week. A Jets loss and a Chiefs victory would send the Chiefs to New England. Why not put off the No. 1 seed for one more week?

Second, getting Peyton Manning and the Colts out of the playoffs. Listen, I'm a Chiefs fan and I know what the Colts have done to us. The Kicker Who Shall Not Be Named in January 1996 missing three field goals, the no punt game against the Colts in January 2004 and the Colts suddenly finding a defense in January 2007. Personally, I want to see the Colts out of the playoffs. They've hurt us too much. 

Third, a Jets victory gives the Chiefs the best chance of hosting the AFC Championship game. OK, so this is sooo far ahead of ourselves it's not even funny. But dream along with me. The Chiefs and Jets both win this weekend setting up next week the Jets-Patriots and Chiefs-Steelers. Let's say the Chiefs and Jets win again. That means the Jets would be coming back to Kansas City to play the Chiefs in the AFC Championship game at Arrowhead Stadium. I think the Jets, of all the playoff teams, have the best chance of beating the Patriots (they already have beat them once this season, in addition to getting blown out). 

The game takes place at 7:00 p.m. (Arrowhead time) on NBC Saturday night. You should wear your Jets colors.