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NFL Playoffs: Jets Beat Colts; Seahawks Shock Saints

The 2011 NFL playoffs got off to an incredible start on Saturday afternoon for the New Orleans Saints vs. Seattle Seahawks and Saturday night for the New York Jets vs. Indianapolis Colts. The Jets victory means, if the Chiefs win, they'll be heading to Pittsburgh to play the Steelers. 

The Saints were absolutely shocked by the Seahawks, who were the largest road underdog in the playoffs in 30 years. The Seahawks had no business winning this game -- at least that's what we thought ahead of time -- but they came through anyway and won, 41-36. Incredible game and Marshawn Lynch's 67-yard touchdown run to ice it will be remembered for a long time.

The Jets beat the Colts, 16-14, thanks to a last second field goal by kicker Nick Folk. The Colts scored with under two minutes remaining and Mark Sanchez drove New York into field goal position and got them the win. It was a huge win the Jets.

The Jets victory was the only one with any bearing on the Chiefs. They will now travel to New England while the Steelers will host the winner of the Chiefs and Ravens. 

Saturday's games were pretty incredible because they featured two great finishes. We'll see if the Sunday games can match them.