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NFL Playoffs, Ravens Vs. Chiefs: For All The Marbles

Well, this is it. The Kansas City Chiefs season comes down to one day. Think about that. We've been following this team all year and it comes to one day, or three hours, really. That's pretty amazing.

The Chiefs will meet the Baltimore Ravens at Arrowhead Stadium at 12:00 p.m. this afternoon in the opening round of the NFL playoffs. The Chiefs know who they play if they win -- Pittsburgh -- but they must get past Baltimore first.

This game won't be much of a surprise, at least I don't think. We know who both these teams are. The Chiefs are a run-first team that will not give up on the run. The Ravens are a defensive team known for stopping the run. There's your marquee matchup.

The Chiefs have an effective passing game if Dwayne Bowe is involved. If not, then they usually struggle. The Ravens have been inconsistent lately on offense. When they're on, they're tough to beat and when they're off, they're very vulnerable. If they're off, they're going to have trouble against this Chiefs team that won't make mistakes.

Chiefs. Ravens. Noon. Playoffs.