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NFL Playoffs: Ravens Score, Take Early Lead Over Chiefs, 3-0

The Kansas City Chiefs won the toss and chose to defer to the Baltimore Ravens got the ball first and promptly moved the ball to the two yard line with a first and goal. Kansas City's defense, which struggled against the pass on the drive, buckled up and held the Ravens to a field goal on the drive.

The Ravens lead the Chiefs, 3-0, with nine minutes remaining in the game. The drive was 14 plays, 69 yards and took up 5:59 off the clock.

Joe Flacco completed 5-of-9 passes for 69 yards including three to Todd Heap for 32 yards. Ray Rice has two carries for zero yards on the drive.

The Chiefs defense was solid against the run but had a couple of break downs in the passing game leading to Flacco completions.

The Chiefs now get the ball back here at Arrowhead Stadium.