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Todd Haley Says Key Is For Kansas City Chiefs To 'Avoid Hitting Panic Button'

It's clear that the coaching staff and front office of the Kansas City Chiefs believe in what they are putting together, Even after a disastrous preseason and first three games of this year, head coach Todd Haley continued to espouse the idea that they were satisfied with the players already on the roster and that they had a plan. Apparently that plan is coming to fruition after consecutive wins against the Minnesota Vikings and Indianapolis Colts.

The Chiefs are now riding a two game winning streak and another strong second half in the Chargers loss that should have Chiefs fans believing in contending again for the AFC West title. The Chargers certainly look strong and the Raiders are playing inspired football this season, but the Chiefs won the division last year and are waking up with a possible better passing game than last year's 10 win team. More than anything, however, Haley says it's a matter of doing what they do well and never wavering in the belief of that plan.

"We've learned some lessons this year especially and the time together over the last three years," said Haley. "The key with us is to stick with it and avoid the desire to hit the panic button, even though that's human nature that you think you need to do a little more. But we've learned a lot about our team and we're getting better. The second half was really good for us. I think you're seeing three weeks in a row that our conditioning and our work that we've done is starting to pay off in our favor. I really believe as that game went on that we did a real good job of wearing their team out. That's something we're going to count on and continue to count on."

"It's sticking with the plan that you put a lot of work into and not feeling like you've gotta come up with something new or do something that all week you didn't think was the way that you'd have a chance to win the game," he continues. "Sometimes when you get down in a game, the tendency or reaction is to do some of that. It's all phases. But I'm proud of our guys. I'm proud of our coaches. The coaches did a terrific job of continuing to sell that and just keep reassuring the guys, 'Listen, if we just do it a little better, use a better technique, good things will start happening.' That's what occurred."

Now it's not only the players who are believing but the fans as well. Todd Haley has went from the hot seat to a hot team in a matter of two weeks and it's clear that some people spoke too soon about the Chiefs demise and direction. Here's hoping the momentum continues as the Chiefs move into divisional play in the next few weeks.