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NFL Draft 2012: Wes Buntings' Top 5 College Quarterbacks Has Big 12 Feel

It's that time of the year when everyone begins to update their own personal mock drafts each week with those college players that are going to 'save' their respective NFL team. Within the last four or five years the speculation around the NFL draft has come sooner and sooner and this year is no exception. The talk of Andrew Luck has been unlike anything else we've seen regarding a college prospect this early into the actual NCAA season.

But the talk of the players that come after Luck seems to be picking up as well. Baylor's Robert Griffin had some buzz going before their game a couple of weeks ago with his 13 touchdown passes (at the time) to just 12 incompletions. Landry Jones has been ranked among the top 3 quarterbacks according to most experts for as long as the rankings have been out. Ryan Tannehill from Texas A&M has seemed to be impressing people recently as well.

Wes Bunting of the National Football Post has his top 5 quarterbacks in the 2012 draft listed in this order; Andrew Luck-Stanford, Ryan Tannehill-Texas A&M, Matt Barkley-USC, Robert Griffin III-Baylor, Landry Jones-Oklahoma. The Big 12 has a strong showing with three, top-five players on this list. Here are a few blurbs he has on each of the Big 12 quarterbacks. via

2. Ryan Tannehill - He’s a natural football player with "plus" athleticism/escapability, he can make all the throws and his upside long term gives him the edge as the number two QB prospect in my mind. 

4. Robert Griffin -  He’s got a good feel for the game, has made some big time NFL stick throws this year (skinny post & deep comeback) and tosses one of the prettier bucket throws in the country. Overall, there is simply too much talent, upside and production at time stage to think he’s anything but a potential franchise guy in my mind.

5. Landry Jones - When the pocket is clean there isn’t a throw Jones can’t make with "plus" touch and ball placement. But, learning to be more efficient in the face of pressure will be his biggest obstacle at the next level.