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Baltimore Ravens' Terrell Suggs Takes Shot At Kansas City Chiefs' Le'Ron McClain

The Kansas City Chiefs are currently in their bye week but that doesn't apparently keep them out of the headlines, at least not one of their players. The Chiefs signed fullback Le'Ron McClain this past offseason as a free agent that had spent four years with the Baltimore Ravens. When he left Baltmore there was a feeling he was leaving because he 'wanted more carries'.

Ravens' linebacker Terrell Suggs had this shot at McClain when discussing his new fullback Vonta Leach, and his upcoming reunion against the Houston Texans. via

"He came in and fit right in. As far as his play on the field, I think it speaks for itself. I think he knows his role as a fullback. He’s not a fullback trying to be a tailback. He’s a great fullback, and he plays Ravens-style football. So that’s always good."

The whole "fullback not trying to be a tailback" was directly meant to McClain, who has been fantastic for the Kansas City Chiefs so far this season. It does make you wonder about how McClain was perceived by his old teammates when he left and signed with the Chiefs this offseason though. Considering he's not getting a lot more carries for the Chiefs this year (17 in five games), it doesn't seem like McClain was dead set on finding a place to get more carries.