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Chiefs Dispute Report That Todd Haley Would Be Fired After A Loss Sunday

Chiefs GM Scott Piolli denies a report from a radio host Nick Wright that a Colts loss would've sealed Haley's fate.

Kansas City sports talk personality Nick Wright Tweeted this afternoon that, had the Chiefs lost at Indianapolis this past Sunday, head coach Todd Haley would have been fired by general manager Scott Pioli.

Wright's allegation caused an almost immediate denial. Per SB Nation's Arrowhead Pride:


Arrowhead Pride then posted a direct denial from Pioli:

...Wright cited multiple sources within the Chiefs organization for the story.

The person responsible for making that decision is saying the story is false.

More accurately, "100 percent false."

Chiefs GM Scott Pioli went on the record with me for a couple minutes this afternoon and I asked him if Nick Wright's report that he was prepared to fire Haley last week was accurate. Pioli said it was "100 percent false" and strongly refuted the report.

I asked if there were ever any discussions about firing Haley leading up to the Colts game and, again, he said there was no truth to that.

Wright's response to Pioli's response?


As of now, neither side is backing down. Meanwhile, Pro Football Talk adds to the assumption that Haley is on the hot seat. How hot exactly is still being... hotly debated. (Sorry)

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