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Naming Rights Reportedly Sold For Kansas City's Arrowhead Stadium

Arrowhead will be known by a different name, perhaps as soon as the upcoming Chargers game on Monday Night Football.

As NFL continues its goal of following the likes of NASCAR and putting a label, a patch and a brand on anything possible (including the overly ridiculous Breast Cancer Awareness Month support that apparently means anything that could be colored pink should be), the renaming of stadiums after corporations is certainly nothing new. In fact, a team that hasn't sold their stadium naming rights is a rarity today. Thus, the Kansas City Chiefs are reportedly set to join the ranks of the common franchise by selling the rights to name Arrowhead Stadium.

Bob Gretz has a nice scoop with the buzz that the team has reached a deal. He writes, "Over the last decade, the Chiefs have tried to sell the naming rights to Arrowhead Stadium for big dollars. It appears they’ve finally found a business entity to pony up for the right to put its name on the stadium, or the playing field. Word is that an announcement will likely come in conjunction with the Monday night game against San Diego on Halloween."

Gretz also notes it's a nationally known company (so it won't be something like Oklahoma Joe's Stadium), although that's all the source would tell him. No other word has come out of Kansas City.