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Kansas City Chiefs Deny Report Of Naming Rights For Arrowhead Stadium Being Sold

Even though they refuse to name Bob Gretz by name, it’s clear that the Kansas City Chiefs believe he has plenty of clout enough to respond to his report yesterday that the Chiefs had sold the naming rights to Arrowhead Stadium to an as-yet-unidentified buyer. With a post for the Star, Kent Babb got team president Mark Donovan on the record denying the story.

“There’s no basis in fact,” Donovan said. “Not sure where the blogger is getting his information, but there is no announcement planned.”

It’s hard to tell what’s being denied with this two sentence statement. The sentiment of the entire article seems to toward the naming rights being sold, but the quote itself most directly says that there’s no announcement planned. Perhaps it’s the announcement part that provides enough of a nuance to the story that the team can deny the entire thing. Or perhaps Gretz is entirely wrong himself.

Either way, it’s the second time in the last few days the team has come out to deny two specific stories — the first being Nick Wright’s story about Scott Pioli’s reported plan to fire Todd Haley if the Chiefs had lost to the Colts last weekend. If anything, it’s clear this is a bye week in Kansas City.