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Could Terrelle Pryor Get His First Start Next Week For Oakland Raiders?

The Raiders other option, Kyle Boller, might just be enough to force them to look at Pryor for better results.

While at Ohio State, Terrelle Pryor threw for over 6,100 passing yards with 57 touchdowns to go against 26 interceptions. He also rushed for over 2,100 yards with another 17 rushing touchdowns. So while he's newly activated in his rookie season in the NFL, it's those numbers that might just elevate the former Ohio State quarterback up the pecking order with the Oakland Raiders in time for next week's game against the Kansas City Chiefs if Jason Campbell is not ready to go.

Campbell suffered a reported dislocation in today's game against the Cleveland Browns. It's unclear just how badly he's injured or whether or not he'll be able to be back next week, but it's clear that the Raiders would be forced to look to Kyle Boller and that hasn't been a winning proposition for a team since he first came into the league with the Baltimore Ravens.

Even more, it should be noted that the Raiders just traded for Aaron Curry and immediately named him a starter. Apparently Jackson is okay with throwing a guy to the wolves and letting him figure out. Of Curry, he said, "I brought him here for a reason and he's going to play. I didn't bring him here to look at him to figure it out or anything like that." It's that same mentality that might cause the Raiders to take a chance on Pryor at quarterback.

Either way, the Raiders are in flux at the most valuable position in the NFL and it will definitely affect next week's game against the Chiefs.