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Adam Schefter Agrees Oakland Raiders Should Go After David Garrard Quickly

David Garrard should be the man coming to the Oakland Raiders. That’s what we just wrote earlier this evening after the news that the Raiders starting quarterback Jason Campbell is out for the season. It appears that we’re not the only ones who believe that the team is out of solid options on its roster upon which to depend with only Kyle Boller and Terrelle Pryor in sight. Simply put they have to look outside of the team for help.

Schefter wrote earlier tonight on Twitter, “I’d already have arranged for him to be in Oakland on Monday.” In this act fast world in the NFL, Garrard now has the ideal situation in which to step and the Raiders somehow lucked out enough to have such a solid replacement just sitting there waiting for a spot to start. No word yet on whether or not Garrard is being considered, let alone coming in. But it’s definitely a move that makes sense on the surface.