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NFL Injury Report: Jason Campbell's Injury Opens Door For Terrelle Pryor

The headlines over the next week could very easily include the addition of David Garrard to the Oakland Raiders. But let's not sleep on the idea that Kyle Boller and Terrelle Pryor, yes THAT Terrelle Pryor, can both see action for the Raiders heading into the crucial middle part of the season for the 4-2 Oakland Raiders.

The Raiders are currently just a half-game behind the San Diego Chargers for the AFC-West division lead. So the collarbone injury that will sideline Jason Campbell could not have come at a worse time as the Raiders take on the division-rival Kansas City Chiefs this week in Oakland.

It's not like the Raiders are a team that has been built on throwing the ball. Campbell wasn't playing bad football when he was injured but the Raiders were 22nd in the league in passing, and second in rushing. They are led offensively by the NFL's leading rusher in Darren McFadden with 519 yards. Anything short of McFadden having trouble getting the ball on a hand-off from whomever steps under center for the Raiders, they are built the with-stain this kind of an injury to its' quarterback.

The Raiders should give Kyle Boller an opportunity to show what he can do this week against Kansas City. But they also need to find some plays that can get Terrelle Pryor into the game in certain situations. Bringing Pryor in when the Raiders are on the goal line would create an instant problem for the Chiefs defense and most-likely a timeout the first go-round. There's nothing that gives defensive coordinators more problems than a mobile quarterback. The Raiders have one and the sooner that they can find special packages for him to get in the game the better off they'd be.

If the Raiders don't feel as if Kyle Boller gives them a chance to win they could always go after David Garrard or Carson Palmer. Maybe even a long-shot of trading within the division and trading for Kyle Orton. But while Terrelle Pryor tries to learn the entire Oakland playbook it would make sense to try and find a few specific plays that could get his feet wet for an Oakland team that currently has a big question mark at the most important position on most NFL teams.