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Report: Oakland Raiders Pursuing Carson Palmer Trade

The Oakland Raiders are reportedly interested in trading for former Cincinnati Bengals Quarterback Carson Palmer, according to Jason Cole of Yahoo Sports.  

According to a source familiar with the team’s thinking, the Raiders were "trying hard" to make a deal for Palmer, although the source highly doubted that Cincinnati owner Mike Brown would deal Palmer.

Oakland Raiders head coach Hue Jackson was the wide receivers coach for the Bengals when Palmer had some of the best years in his career. Depending upon how quickly Palmer could get acclimated to a new team and the fact that the trade deadline is on Tuesday, the phones in Oakland should be very busy over the next 48 hours. 

Palmer hasn't played well over the last few years in Cincinnati and add into the problem of what the Raiders would be willing to offer because they are without a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th round pick in the 2012 draft, it makes for an unlikely situation. But it does put the Raiders in a tough spot because they are not playoff-caliber team with Kyle Boller as their starting quarterback and asking for anything more than a sub-package for Terrelle Pryor this year is asking too much. 

The Raiders would be looking at David Garrard, Carson Palmer and possibly Kyle Orton if Denver would be willing to deal inside of the division for a replacement for the injured Jason Campbell

Who knows? Maybe we'll hear some rumblings from a quarterback in Mississippi that is tired of throwing to high school kids. It's crazy enough to catch a news cycle for 24 hours or so.