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'Suck For Luck?' Peter King Says Andrew Luck Should Cost Three First Round NFL Draft Choices

Several fan bases around the NFL are chanting ‘Suck For Luck.’ It’s unprecedented really for so many to want their team to tank for a season, especially only in week six, all for the sake of a college quarterback. While Andrew Luck, the starting quarterback for Stanford, is certainly a prize that most scouts drool over in every possible way, it’s still common knowledge that there’s no sure thing in any draft and only one team is going to enjoy the spoils of Luck even if he works out.

That said, Peter King says that any team that ends up sucking enough to score Andrew Luck in the first round of the 2012 NFL Draft is likely going to have to sacrifice three first round selections. At the very least, the draft bounty has to equal what was paid for Eli Manning several years ago (two firsts, a third and fifth) but that price will likely be well in the rearview mirror if any team really wants to land the Stanford superstar.

In his conversation with Ernie Accorsi, the discussion turns to the draft picks being cheap compensation for any team that needs Luck. Then again, if a team is that bad already, then a quarterback won’t make the difference from one level to the next. For every Peyton Manning story of turning around a franchise by himself, there are many more that show how hard it was for David Car or Tim Couch to succeed without significant talent in other areas.

Either way, it makes the NFL Draft in April one of the most exciting in years — at least for the top of the draft. And it makes for an odd NFL season, one in which several teams are supposed to lose instead of win to satisfy their fans. Odd, indeed.