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NFL Trade Rumors: Peter King Says Oakland Raiders Should Trade For Kyle Orton From Denver Broncos

The Oakland Raiders are faced with a quandary after the loss of starting quarterback Jason Campbell during the Cleveland Browns game. Campbell is now out for the season, and the Raiders are forced to make a few choices. Do they stick with Kyle Boller and Terrelle Pryor, the in-house options? Do they make a deal for Carson Palmer as Pro Football Talk reported they were after? Do they sign David Garrard, the move Adam Schefter recommended? Or is there even yet another option?

Peter King believes so when he writes this morning that they should pursue a deal with a division rival. He writes, “The Raiders need a quarterback now, and if I were them, I’d go pay a fourth- in 2013 (they don’t have their 2, 3, 4, and 7 from the 2012 draft) and try to wrest Kyle Orton from Denver. The Broncos are having an everything-must-go sale (kidding, sort of) and they know Orton’s not anything now but insurance.”

This year, Orton is 91 of 155 for a 58.7 completion percentage. He’s thrown for 8 touchdowns and 7 interceptions during a clearly disappointing first year for new head coach John Fox. The Broncos have made the decision to go with Tim Tebow and you have to believe the Broncos are going to let Tebow ride out the season as a starter so they can see exactly what they have in the former first round choice from the previous regime under Josh McDaniels.