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Jason Campbell Could Possibly Return To Oakland Raiders This Season, Might Preclude Other Moves

Twenty-four hours ago, the Oakland Raiders were either going to trade for Kyle Orton, trade for Carson Palmer or sign David Garrard. Now they might end up getting their starting quarterback back for the end of the season. Jason Campbell’s collarbone injury was originally reported to keep him out for the year. Now, it’s clear that a return within six weeks is an option and the Raiders have a bye week after the Chiefs game this Sunday.

In other words, the Raiders can definitely win this weekend and then have another week off with losing Campbell for only four more games after that. The next opponents after that are the Broncos, Chargers, Vikings and Bears. Even if they lost to the Chargers and Bears, the other two are very winnable games, even if Kyle Boller is your quarterback. Suddenly the Raiders could go 3-2 without Campbell and then get him back for the end of the season.

It’s been quite a turnaround in the last day, but it’s clear the Raiders have went through every emotion possible. Now they have to be quite happy with the way things are settling.