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Oakland Raiders Make Emotional (Wrong) Move For Carson Palmer

The Oakland Raiders have filled their quarterback void. That’s what you can call Kyle Boller as your starter, at least. Jason Campbell’s injury sent the Raiders into a frenzy in the last few days trying to figure out who to sign or trade for, and the rumors are rampant from Vince Young to Kyle Orton. Now they have their man with the reported trade for Carson Palmer from the Bengals.

The price? A first round choice in 2012 and a conditional choice that could turn into a first rounder in 2013. That’s the way the Raiders like to play and Mike Brown apparently knew what he was doing all along (not likely). More than anything, Brown got lucky and was in the right place at the right time with the right commodity. As for the Raiders, well, you can blame their emotions.

The Raiders are playing spirited, empassioned football. Their owner, the legendary Al Davis, passed away earlier this year and it’s almost as if you can feel the emotion that comes with his loss in this decision. The team is certainly playing for Al (and much more) this year, but this reeks of going “all in.” Except the player they’re acquiring for such a high bounty really isn’t much of an upgrade over Jason Campbell (if at all). And word on Campbell as of yesterday is that he could have been back in six weeks.

The Raiders aren’t just playing emotionally at this point. They’re also trading emotionally. It’s a good thing for the football field, but it’s another thing entirely when the front office gets caught up in the frenzy. Hue Jackson and the powers-that-be apparently believe they’re ready to go far this season and that this is a team built to win now. Or at least that’s what their emotions are telling them is true.