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Carson Palmer Trade: Oakland Raiders Responsible For Worst Trade In NFL In Years

Everyone is banging the same drum, so this is hardly original. But it has to be noted just how poor the Carson Palmer trade is for the Oakland Raiders. In other words, it’s not just bad, it’s historically bad. In fact, it’s so bad, I’m going to need to use numbers to list all of the ways…

1. Carson Palmer hasn’t played yet this season and is now stepping into a new scheme and line-up. Whether or not he’s worked with Hue Jackson in the past or not, Palmer might be a veteran, but everything takes time to get moving.

2. The Raiders didn’t need to make a move. They already had Jason Campbell coming back in six weeks and the schedule until his return includes the Chiefs, Broncos, Vikings and a bye week. You see a need to make a major move there. A headless team with Boller under center could go 3-2 in that stretch.

3. They’re giving up a first round pick in 2011 and a second round choice. Did Bill Belichick become the GM of the Bengals this morning? This is a major draft haul (remember Richard Seymour cost a first rounder alone for a defensive end with much left in the tank).

4. Carson Palmer went 4-12 last season.

5. Carson Palmer threw 20 interceptions to 26 touchdowns last season.

6. The Raiders have speed receivers, but Pro Football Focus notes that Palmer was only “16 of 54 on shots 20+ yards down field.”

7. Carson Palmer’s career record is 46-51 and is turning 32 this year.

Simply put, this is not someone you trade the house for. The Raiders totally blew this one in a season where things were actually looking up. Certainly Palmer is a major step up at quarterback over Kyle Boller, but Jason Campbell is not that much worse and the Raiders could have used the top picks to address bigger needs along the offensive line and secondary.

This trade instantly becomes one of the most lopsided in recent league memory.