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NFL Draft 2012: Kansas City Chiefs Scott Pioli Reportedly Checking Out USC Players Like Matt Kalil

At this point, it looks like the Kansas City Chiefs might be picking higher in the NFL Draft than they would have pictured (or liked). If so, they need to be well-prepared and it seems Chiefs General Manager Scott Pioli is doing his due diligence in looking at the prospects coming out of USC. Bryan Fischer of CBS Sports says that Pioli was looking at Southern California players, especially on offense, and says it’s likely related to left tackle Matt Kalil.

Other players of note could definitely include quarterback Matt Barkley who should also go in the top half of the 2012 NFL Draft. The Chiefs have Matt Cassel under center and drafted Ricky Stanzi, but given the season’s results, it’s not hard to imagine KC’s interest in another quarterback to add to the mix. In either case, it’s all about doing your homework so this is nothing new for Pioli. It’s all a part of the job of the front office to be ready in any case while hoping the team turns things around against Oakland on Sunday.