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Oakland Raiders' Hue Jackson Says Carson Palmer Is 'Executing Flawlessly', Should Be Sunday Starter

Official or unofficial, there should really be no doubt. Carson Palmer is going to start on Sunday against the Kansas City Chiefs for the Oakland Raiders and any thought to the contrary is just ridiculous. Raiders head coach Hue Jackson has been touting the move all week and the energy the team has received from the trade is incredible. It’s just nearly impossible to believe that Kyle Boller will be under center for any play at all, especially after Jackson’s latest round of praise for his QB.

Jackson recently told Peter King that, “He’s got a very strong arm. He hasn’t fumbled a snap. He’s been laughing and talking with his receivers, all his new teammates. Here’s what I noticed: He’s been here 16 hours, and [in Wednesday’s practice], I give him a play, he calls it, he executes it flawlessly.”

Carson Palmer has been “flawless.” Do you hear anything in there about having to get him acclimated to the new team or new playbook? Me either. The Chiefs likely knew this the moment that the Raiders made the trade and you can bet they’ll be ready for Carson Palmer when the game begins.