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Peter King: Raiders-Chiefs Most Compelling Game Of NFL Week Because Of Carson Palmer

Move over Tim Tebow. Shut your mouth, Rex Ryan. Apparently the AFC West has plenty of compelling drama this weekend, but nothing that can compare to the first game of Carson Palmer’s career with the Oakland Raiders. That’s why Peter King says that this week’s game between the Raiders and Kansas City Chiefs is his No. 1 choice to watch this weekend.

He writes, "There are better games on the slate, and more meaningful ones, as the Raiders try to win their ninth straight AFC West match. But the 102nd meeting ever between Kansas City and Oakland will be the first game of the Carson Palmer Experiment. And for that reason, it’s the most compelling game of the weekend — and that includes the Tebow game."

You can expect a lot of attention as analysts will want to label the Palmer trade a bust or boom rather quickly. The Chiefs could capitalize on the attention with a win that would command more respect league-wide.