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NFL Picks, Week 7: Oakland Over Kansas City, San Diego Over New York Jets

Week seven in the NFL brings several dramatic AFC West match-ups.

This week in the NFL provides some dynamic match-ups in the AFC West and the drama has never been better this year. The Raiders could start their new quarterback in Carson Palmer. The Broncos are definitely starting theirs with Tim Tebow. The Chargers have been called out by Buddha himself before their match-up with the Jets. The Chiefs can either sink their season or right the ship with a single game. This should be the most exciting Sunday we've seen all week.

Here's our AFC West picks:

Kansas City @ Oakland
The Silver and Black are going to be pumped to possibly see their new starting quarterback and you'd better believe that even a rusty Carson Palmer will get the call over Kyle Boller at some point very soon. Still the Raiders will rely on a dynamic running and strong defense -- two things that were supposed to be the Chiefs' calling cards as well. Too bad the season went down in flames early on, unless they can win this one. New QB or not, Oakland is still a lot more formidable than the winless teams the Chiefs have been defeating.
Raiders 28, Chiefs, 21

San Diego @ New York Jets
Rex Ryan gave his weekly soundbytes that inevitably make him shove his foot in his mouth (which I hear things about). Meanwhile, the Chargers are atop the division and fresh off of a bye. Ryan is trying to keep his season afloat behind the Bills and Patriots. This game shouldn't help him as the Chargers' Ryan Matthews should give the Jets fits. He's truly coming into his own and the AFC West is giving birth to yet another dynamic runner.
Chargers 20, Jets 13

Denver @ Miami
The Andrew Luck Bowl is at least entertaining for its ability to put a losing team on the map with Tim Tebow's first start. This game should be a horrible one, and yet word is that they've sold out. Amazing how one player can make such a difference. And that player should provide enough moxie and momentum for the Broncos to win their second. After all, Miami has made it clear they are prepared to lose at any cost.
Broncos 13, Dolphins 6