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SB Nation's NFL Power Rankings Have Kansas City Chiefs In Cautiously Optimistic Position

SB Nation’s Joel Thorman is a Chiefs man through and through as the Editor of Arrowhead Pride, so it’s no surprise that he has the Chiefs climbing in his latest edition of the NFL Power Rankings. What’s surprising, however, is that he’s maintaining a very realistic perspective on the team despite the newfound momentum, placing the Chiefs at No. 21 — right around the same place that other writers are placing the team as well.

Thorman writes, “Quietly, the Chiefs have moved on from their 89-10 combined loss in the first two games and come back to win three in a row. Believe it or not, KC can get a share of the AFC West lead by beating San Diego on Halloween night.”

If the Chiefs can beat the Raiders and Chargers two weeks in a row, there will be some significant movement up the standings and, consequently, next week’s Power Rankings. For now, it seems the mood is cautious optimism.

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