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NFL Power Rankings: Sports Illustrated Has Kansas City Chiefs At No. 20

While they have the Kansas City Chiefs higher than most publications at No. 20, it’s clear they still aren’t that impressed by the recent three game winning streak that has the Chiefs back at .500 after a dismal start to the 2011 season. In their recent Power Rankings, Don Banks of says that the Chiefs need to prove something even after shutting out the Raiders last Sunday.

Banks writes, “Fine, Todd Haley. Don’t shave until your team loses again. But let’s not try to turn your facial hair into another year-long Brian Wilson-level sub-plot. As a motivating ploy or the creation of a persona, the whole growing my beard/mustache/goatee act is a bit tired by now. I applaud the Chiefs for fighting their way back to .500, but it might have had something to do with Kansas City playing the Vikings, Colts and QB-needy Raiders, more so than Haley’s decision to shelve the razor.”

Most other media outlets have the Chiefs in the same area — from No. 21 to 24. A win on Monday Night Football against the Chargers should propel them into the teens for the first time all year.