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NFL Power Rankings: Kansas City Chiefs Rank At No. 18 For New York Post

Every list tends to say the same thing about the Kansas City Chiefs. First, they always hover somewhere around No. 20. Then they always note the three game winning streak that has turned the Chiefs' season around with consecutive wins over the Minnesota Vikings, Indianapolis Colts and the Oakland Raiders, who the Chiefs shut out just last weekend. The New York Post, however, delivers an interesting turn themselves.

After listing the Chiefs at No. 18 in the NFL in their Power Rankings column this week, Justin Terranova writes, "Kansas City can be in a three-way tie for first place if it beats San Diego at home on Monday night. Todd Haley went from nearly being fired to Coach of the Year candidate in three week."

Is it possible for Todd Haley to be a Coach of the Year candidate. If the Chiefs win the AFC West after going through such a horrific first three games as well as suffering the injuries they have, that's definitely a possibility. There's still a long way to go this season, but the Chiefs are clearly impressive at this point.