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Brandon Flowers Says AFC Defensive Player Of The Week Award Belongs To Derrick Johnson

When a team grabs six interceptions in one game on defense, they’re bound to get the lion’s share of attention. That’s the case with the Kansas City Chiefs defensive unit in their 28-0 shutout of the Oakland Raiders last Sunday. With that attention came the AFC Defensive Player of the Week for cornerback Brandon Flowers who had two of the picks. But Flowers says he’s not the one who deserves it most. That honor belongs to Derrick Johnson.

“He did all of the dirty work,” Flowers said. “Quarterbacks, receivers and cornerbacks get all of the glory, but guys like Derrick Johnson saved a lot of touchdowns for us and put them in a position that made them one-dimensional.”

Johnson was pivotal especially on a goal line stand early in the game in which the Raiders tried to put the ball in the end zone with Michael Bush four straight times. It was an incredible shift in momentum that firmly placed the Chiefs in control of the game. Johnson finished the game with 16 tackles.